Reel Street Productions is a video production company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We specialise in creating promotional content for organisations in the private and public sector, all with the aim of engaging people through visually appealing films that help to tell the story the client wants to tell.

Reel Street Productions was started by Marcus Lee in 2007, taking his hobby of scriptwriting and filmmaking, as early as the days when YouTube was just a baby, and setting up a video production company based in Bradford. Initially working on youth and community projects and weddings, Reel Street became a business that produces promotional films, music videos and commissions for arts based projects.

Today Reel Street works to create great video content and for a wide range of organisations in order to help them connect better with their target audiences. We also provide photography services for events, websites and social media purposes. Along the way, we also aim to produce our own content and share our thoughts and creative ideas with the world.

If you have a video project that you need help with, why not get in touch at the Contact page of the website.