Get Smart Film Festival

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Get Smart Film Festival, a brand new film festival celebrating films made using smartphones and tablets. The festival is taking place from the 19th - 21st September 2019 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. For more information, visit

The Purge – Lessons in Life I watched all "The Purge" movies recently and I had some interesting thoughts about a current aspect of our society. Watch the video and let me know what you think!...

New Feature Film Campaign

I have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new film called AN INTERVENTION. The film is about mental health issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, family and trying to navigate your way through life. The film focuses on Sean, a man in his mid thirties who has spent most of his adult years trying to forge a career in rap music. Whilst he has yet to become successful in his chosen career, he has watched his peers...

Motivational Movies What are the films that inspire you to become a better person? Movies sometimes make you want to become fitter and healthier (think boxing movies), better at business (Wolf of Wall Street), inspire change for those around you (Selma, Schindler's List) or fall in love (every romance film ever). What are the films that have that affect on you?...

The Counsellor – Web Series

There is a new web series on the way! Sarah is a relationship Counsellor who is having a difficult time in her own personal relationship. This 4 part mini series will be released with all episodes available on Friday 20th April 2018. Make sure you watch it!

UK Films vs the World - Reel Street Films

UK Films vs the Rest of the World

After watching "The Ritual" recently with someone who had a negative reaction to realising it was a British film, I wonder what you think about our feelings about British films compared to Hollywood and the rest of the world.